NYPL Workspace

design, research, strategy


NYPL Workspace is a service design concept developed for the New York Public Library’s Digital Experience Team.

Workspace is a knowledge-sharing network that unifies and expands the NYPL’s existing physical and digital small business offerings — the Science, Industry and Business Library (SIBL) in Midtown Manhattan and the online Small Business Resource Center.

In its online form, Workspace consists of a portal for seeking personalized advice from a network of peers and library experts. From our qualitative research sessions with freelancers, we identified that having a trusted, small, personalized network was critical to perceptions of trust, so we designed Workspace with an innovative onboarding system and trust signals (such as identity badges indicating areas of expertise). In this way, the site surfaces relevant content rather than bombarding the user with the full breadth of the library’s resources at once.

Workspace is intended to deftly couple the online network with in-person library resources, tying in event management, the NYPL’s existing business plan competition and room-booking functionality, optimizing the library’s offerings for current trends in freelancing and co-working.

NYPL Workspace was developed at SVA IxD with Emily ChanJess Halloran and Somin Heo.