How do you make ad hoc event coordination as convenient and comfortable as your daily routine? Tentpole is a concept for an event scheduler that takes the guesswork and back-and-forth out of coordinating a plan with a big group. It's kinda Doodle with a Venmo twist.


Tentpole's three key features:

1) Tentpole finds the right time. It lets all invitees suggest a range of dates and times that work for them, and even syncs with existing calendars so it's painless to find a convenient time.

2) Tentpole finds the right place. It uses your location to find the most mutually-convenient spot to recommend a movie, restaurant, or event.

3) Tentpole gets you paid back. Bought tickets for everyone? After the event, use Tentpole to divvy up the bill and send payment requests to your buddies.

Below, this high-fidelity flow demonstrates a moment in the event-selection journey, in which a user selects a range of acceptable movies, dates, and times (allowing their friends to winnow down the list):